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My Perspective

I’ve never outgrown the annoying habit of asking why? I struggle with things I don’t understand. I will nit and pick my way through a conversation until I feel that ‘aha moment‘ come upon me. I do respect your rights; to free speech, to your opinions and even to your truth BUT only if based on fact. I have little patience for gossips, their knowledge on any given subject is composed of nothing but a set of sound bites and headlines. There is always more to the story than one can learn from a 500 word column or a 90 second news segment.

My mornings start typically start the same way. A cup of coffee, the newspapers and then the local call-in radio show. This routine guarantees that by 10 am I am acting like a lunatic, my heart racing, the vein in my neck pulsing and I am begging the world to recognize my wisdom.

To prevent a stroke, I write. I aim to shine a light on that bit of information people forget to talk about, or the unpopular side of a subject. I rant about politicians because I can. I criticize the media when I believe they are being subjective or not telling the entire story and I ridicule my fellow citizens when they still have Christmas decorations on their house in May. And sometimes I ramble because I just don’t get it.

New solutions only come about when random ideas are introduced to each other. This is the place where I let my opinions and ideas run wild in hopes they will morph into something bigger.

Dear World, welcome inside my mind.


Please, speak your mind!

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